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Welcome to Slug Security

Welcome to Slug Security, the UC Santa Cruz cybersecurity club! We offer a fun and inclusive environment for anyone interested in hacking, cybersecurity, or programming. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we welcome students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels to join us for workshops, talks, competitions, and more.

Meeting Times and Locations

See upcoming events and meetings on our events page. We host a variety of different events, including workshops, casual hack and chill sessions, and CTF working sessions. Wanna learn more about what we do? Check out our FAQs page.

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Taking Down Big Laundry

This is a more technical continuation of the article we had with TechCrunch on the machines we found security flaws in. Not every day do you pwn the largest commercial network of laundry appliances in the United States! This article...

Slug Security Debuts 2nd Place in eCTF 2023

In our first year of participation, Slug Security has secured 2nd place in MITRE's 2023 Embedded Capture the Flag competition! Our team, representing the University of California, Santa Cruz, consisting of 10 students, was advised by

UCSC Wins 3rd Place in Codebreaker 2022

Following the academic tradition of participating in the National Security Agency's Codebreaker Challenge, Slug Security is proud to announce that we have won 3rd place in the 2022 Codebreaker Challenge. This is the third year in a row that UC Santa Cruz has placed in...

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